Monsters SOS

The series tells an adventure story of four friends: Ignacy, Emma, Filip and Tomira that are collages from first year of primary school. After school the kids pursue a strange hobby – they chase old Slavic ghosts, mares and monsters that are forced to leave their natural habitat as they are pushed away by rising civilizations. The ghosts are beginning to sneak into society where they pull pranks and hocus humans. The further investigations continue the clearer it seems that ghosts don’t need to be pushed away but they need help finding their safe home and inner peace. The group of friends experience exciting adventures, they learn to tolerate, respect each other, take care of nature but most importantly they have much fun together.



Directed by
Izumi Yoshida
Written by
Izumi Yoshida
Artistic Project
Izumi Yoshida
2D animation
Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej